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Fruit Series

​With his Fruit series in 2011, like the previous Wissahickon series, Samuel combined digital image making with painting and drawing, printing pictures and then assembling them on canvas. Most of the paintings are collages of scanned images. In the pieces Thirty Applies Thirty Days, Inky Dinky Parlez Vous, Grape Medley and Pineapples, he took a single photographic image, assembled it, mounted it on canvas, and painted over the image with acrylic paint. He also made use of transfers. In Everything Bananas, images were transferred directly to aluminum panels and riveted together. For Happy Citrus, Samuel ironed images onto wood panels and  painted it with oils and oil crayons. Inky Dinky Parlez Vous was constructed by transferring images to strips of cloth and mylar and painting with acrylics after they were assembled on canvas.

By use of collage, Samuel was able to extend the experience of a fruit in its various stages - inside, outside, grouped together, isolated. With many of the images, the large pictures and bright colors harken back to pop art days of taking the familiar and giving it a new dimension.

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