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Wissahickon Series

In 2010, Samuel ceated a yearlong series of the Wissahickon Valley. Frequented by walkers, runners and bikers, the area was designated a National Natural Landmark because of its unusual geomorphology and its historic value as a cultural landscape.

Samuel has lived close to the Wissahickon for over thirty years and the landscape has been an important part of his world. In these pieces, Samuel captures something that he knows and loves and presents it in a way that is surprising and transformative. Every month he experiments with some variation in technique to develop his picture. At times he pushes to make a recognizable portrait of the creek and surrounding woods. Other months he alters his direction to explore related themes and forms. He is interested, most of all, in simply creating an image that captures some piece of his experience of the Wissahickon Valley.

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